Saturday, June 20, 2009

Better, lots more work to do...

Ahhhh, Summertime, and the living in easy...
Is it??  I am not quite sure.  Today brought an end to our first full week at home for the summer.  All I know is it was busy, busy.  Mostly, in the sense that the boys and I got a full measure of play in each and every day.  But busy also in the sense that time is ticking, ticking away... until we leave for a bit of a vacation next week, until the new cabinets arrive 2 days after we return, until I leave for my Sisters Quilt-o-rama, and then there is the time until our family of 4 is a family of 5.  I like to think of us as a Party of 5.  I like the ring of that, but I am not going to be as angsty as Neve Campbell's Julia.  Our 5 make up a TOTALLY different construct, but I still like to say  "Party of 5."

I made the boys go strawberry picking again this morning (I didn't post a picture, but yesterday I picked a whole bowl of raspberries from the was pure decadence, I tell you!).  I need to remember next year that I think the boys have ONE productive visit to the berry patch a year... just ONE.  Today was more of mommy picking the bucket, Blondie eating what Mommy was putting in to the bucket and Brownie chucking yucky berries at his friends (when I saw this I was MORTIFIED!  Why does he come up with these things???)  Luckily, the morning weather has been so temperate, it didn't bother me to be out and "working in the fields".  All the same, I just picked one bucket, and one was plenty to prep and freeze....believe me.
I have been working on some swaps and I cut up some of my favorite fabrics for them.  I am still working on the hoarding monster that lives in my studio.  I am so much happier when I am using what I like, but it is SO HARD to make that first cut, so hard.
Here are some blocks that I have received back from Another Quilting Bee 1 friends.  I never thought that I would enjoy this project this much.  I was hanging the blocks up today and really admired the effort these wonderful women put in to each block.  Seeing them all together inspires me to get some motion going on this tree quilt.  It has been a real creativity boost to work with people like this on one project.  Being one piece of a whole.
I also felt the need to revamp my mini quilt wall.  It is in my bedroom and I just love looking at them.  I put up some of the ones with the more summery colors.  Yes, I left up my orange and aqua disappearing 9-patch.  I just love looking at it.  It is so orderly compared to what I have been coming up with lately.  I really love to get lost in the pattern.  I think that I want to make one that is larger. (that is the nice thing about minis...they are like little testers for ideas.)
There is my hero.  While I messed around in my craft room on some swaps, while I blogged, while I surfed the web...he diligently worked on "the once and future kitchen."  I know that this project, even though we are having the professionals do most of it, still has been more work than either of us anticipated.  I am so glad that I married a hard worker, sometimes it makes me batty, but I am so thankful that he is my partner in this crazy fun life.
Happy Friday! (It is still Friday isn't it....yikes it is after 12, Happy Saturday!)


connie said...

I am in aw that you can get so much done without a kitchen. Way to go!!! Have a great weekend and those berries look yummy..

Diane said...

Busy times ahead (When are they not, huh?). I've heard that kitchen renovations are the worst for creating household upheaval. Hang in there! When it all becomes too much, head to the bedroom and meditate on that fabulous wall of quilts!