Sunday, June 07, 2009

Return of the Garden royalty...

Shhhhh, quiet, they think that we can't see them...
Here they come, full of pomp and circumstance...
It's Prince Brownie and Prince Blondie on their Garden Royalty Leaf tour!  

I don't know where Brownie comes up with his schemes, but I do know that I laugh a lot when he's a-plannin'.

Our chicken coop arrived yesterday and was installed with much fanfare and leaf dancing.  The chooks (kind of Aussie eh?) like their new space, but still need to come in at night (I think that my father in law asked my mother in law "They are keeping all of their chickens in a bucket"  Not, exactly, but it is a fine line between them freezing outside at night and then being squished in the little brooder during the day).  Mr. Dad said that when he went out to bring them in, they were all staring at the house with their feathers all puffed out like they were freezing.  They were happy to come in, but then happy to go out again this morning.
Last week we had some bizarre weather for was hot and HUMID.  Two things that DO NOT work for this pregnant lady.  I have been doing OK, when it gets hot, we have had a few days when it has gotten in to the upper 80's.  I stay in the shade, drink some ice water, read a magazine while the boys do their water scheming in the back yard.  Humidity?  I just don't do that.  Too much sweating and it seems hard to breathe.   I have lived other places that have the hot humidity and this is why I live in Oregon...we have damp in the winter, but not in the summer time.  BUT, my garden did like the 3-4 days of moist heat that we had.  My nasturtiums got huge and bloomed.  I was so happy to find them amongst the rain forest of weeds that also got a boost this last week. (But what would I do in my garden if I couldn't weed?)
So pretty!
June is MY month for the virtual quilting bee that I am in.  I accidentally forgot that I am one of the 12 in our group and made 12 packets.  Today I made my contribution to my own quilt.  I haven't been quilting much the last few weeks... I think that this could have been contributing to my sour moods, because since I made my block I am so happy!   I just love it.  My hope is to have all of the bee blocks surround my rainbow tree from a while back.  I am thrilled to see what everyone else comes up with.

This is my last post for blog birthday week.  Comment on this or any one of the others this week and you can have a chance to win some fabric and other fun things.  We will be picking tonight at 7:00 pm PST....which is in about 1.75 hours...

I am so EXCITED!
Thanks for all of the nice thoughts this week and for the last 3 years!

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lesthook said...

Cute royalty! I really like your block too.