Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Above and Below

Hi friends
Sometimes all I know is that which is above my head and below my feet. 
Today is interesting.  Tomorrow is still an idea and Yesterday is gone and done.

Times are a changing... and I am hopeful for good.  The space between now and August has been long and short-- mostly winding, full of seeking and learning.

I am still learning... and seeking.  You too?  I hope so.

Here are some places to see what I have been making and doing:
Winter Stitch (The love mitts on pg 2 of the table of contents)
Holiday Fat Quarterly (Issue 11-- Art quiver!)

I am so pleased to be counted in such talented company. So many great projects for your holiday crafting!  Happy.

See you round- sooner rather than later.  I am sure of it.