Thursday, November 30, 2006

"This American Life", or "Ira Glass rocks!"

So, I received this tiny little ipod for my birthday. You know, so I could listen to things when I go and do all of my "exercise". (notify me when I have time for that!) Well, I have fallen in love with podcasts!!!

Hooray for them!

I really like Ira Glass and "This American Life". It is just so real, so surreal for that very same reason. To be really nerdy, I like the pacing of the stories, the added musical parts and the flow of the stories told by regular people, in their own way. Different people's stories are brought together in a "theme", but in ways that I don't find immediately obvious, but that is what makes it so good.

I used to be very intent on how each person is so "unique". I guess people really are literally "unique", but the experience of "being a person" is so much the same between individuals. We all have love, loss, struggle and heartache. I like hearing stories about people and what they do.

The most recent installment talked about "Babysitting". This broad theme encompassed stories of fun, divorce, freedom, and people trying to do the best that they can, even if that is not very good. (Looking back on that list all I can think is--- JMB, you are some kind of weird and need more sleep.)

(That said, you should check out an episode...It is through NPR.)


On Halloween, listeners sent in their scariest true stories. There was one about a rabid raccoon that still gives me chills!


David Sedaris is a regular contributor....I just love him, can't get enough....but that is another blog....

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Center of Gravity....

I bet this doesn't happen to anyone else....only me.

I am finally able to leave the house alone, maybe for something as exciting as grocery shopping(??), maybe something like swimming (wow!). Anyway, the point is, I have only been gone for possibly 2 hours and when I return it is as though the world has stopped in my absence. Instantly, I am accosted by an army of hands and mouths, the room is full of the sounds of "Mom" and "Honey, you wouldn't believe..."


I can't believe that in the past few hours I have been so missed and so needed. And after the first uncomfortable moment of "RETREAT!" passes, I am so, so happy to be home.

A hug for everyone!

....That is until the next water aerobics class.