Friday, May 03, 2013

Moving in to the life that you want...

The sun has arrived in Oregon!! It is a bit early and it probably won't last much longer (we'll see it again around Independence Day) but it is here now and I feel it's catalytic magic.  I've talked about it before, but I am moving in to a new time, a new scenario, a new path.  Finally, I feel like the steps I am taking are more firm and pointed in more of a direction-- I am more comfortable now that the path is going up and down hills and valleys to a better place that I do not know... but I do know that the path is there.  And it is populated with kind folk and so much beauty.

Things setting that path before me are some of the old standards... sewing,  quilting, photography, gardening, and my dear sweet children.

New endeavours are powering me down the path too... My first bag project is coming out this month (Stitch with Style) and it has LEATHER!  I am immersing myself more in the design process and printmaking (woodblock printing totally makes you feel like a badass) (knives!!) I am also remembering to breathe.  Lots and lots of breathing going on around here... oxygen = clear head (or clearer.)

I read something last week on elephant journal via Facebook-- because, don't you just find EVERYTHING deep on FB these days? ;)  It talked about moving from a "positive attitude" into "well-being".  My "take home" message was (and is) our place of "well-being" is grounded not just in smiling and being happy or content but in the truth of the human struggle that always accompanies us.  With this struggle is the truth that we are not alone and the world full of kindness and beauty-- but there is an element of reaching out that needs to happen.  For me, I am reaching, well-being is happening (although is it kind of mysterious), and I hope, for you too.