Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A little Clover Sunshine...

The rain has been in FULL EFFECT in the Pacific Northwest the past few days... all I can think is "where is my summery September?"  Luckily, just in time to save me from my grey sky doldrums, Alison Glass, a sweet friend and wicked awesome designer, sent me SUNSHINE to play with.  Nothing quite as sweet as sunshine, Clover Sunshine, in a FQ pack to keep me humming and wanting to climb back into my hammock for that last sweet summer/fall afternoon of reading.

My favorite thing about new fabric is dreaming up all the things you can make with it.  Is there anything with more potential than a stack of beautiful fabric?  But cuts must be made and plans started... the Circle print stole my greedy little heart as soon as I opened up the FQ.  This set of four begs to be made in to a fantastic improv block!  That was the plan, I swear.

But then I made the other crucial steps and just cut some strips from the other colors... and don't they make such a pretty rainbow?  I needed a rainbow yesterday, I really did.

So, as I often do, I sat down and just sewed.  The colors were so inspiring and glowing that I totally felt the sun yesterday, though the sky was a dark grey.  This batch of strips just begged to sing out their ROY G. BIV beauty, when the rainbow calls we must answer!

SO here I am today, taking my Clover Sunshine for an impromptu reading break, hoping the rain will hold until I can get through the last 150 pages of Game of Thrones. It is so exciting, but I know what's coming and that slows me down a bit. (For those of you out of the loop "Winter's coming")

Winter is coming around here... but this winter I am going to be looking and the cute little treasures hidden all over the Clover Sunshine line. (I love that the little bunny and cupcake get to have a little party.  SO cute, Alison!)

Speaking of parties (sort of), Alison Glass is have a wild one over at her site... seriously... 74 FQ?!  Sawheet!

See you all soon! (I have been having a writing fast apparently-- I have still been doing lots of beautiful and fun things, but just posting them over on IG-- jmb_craftypickle-- come and visit me!  It's a fun time!)


If you were concerned about the Circles piece that I first fell in love with... It is making friends on my design wall and will be completed soon!