Friday, September 12, 2008


Hi there, here we are back to blogger flipping pics...but let's not get over wrought about it OK? I will try. Here are all of my findings...$8 worth of buttons...whoopee!
I fell in total love with these weird egg cups. Birds and the one was aqua, white and black, I had to take them home, but they are kind of strange. I also found these odd little wooden doll heads for $0.25, of course they had to come home too.
This poodle fabric is so, so great...kind of shiny, 2 yards and it didn't do anything weird after I washed it. PLUS the poodles are HUGE and kind of ugly cool. The other is a yard of a peppy flour sack material. I do have to admit that this grabby lady snagged some very odd white material with big red dutch clogs on it right out from under my hand. I am still a little crabby about it, but I am too greedy.
A larger picture of the poodles, I think that I am going to make myself a bag with some of this. My sister "M" said "Oh that would make a great lining for a purse" LINING??!!! What are you talking about these are some crazy dogs, they need to be out and PROUD!
I have to come back to these buttons. I bought a $3 bag (I am so cheap) of buttons just for these. They are that old cheddar/mustard color that is so ugly and so beautiful in old quilts. The big holes and the odd color, they just spoke to me.

The most exciting find was 6 full size bowling pins for $12...we are going to make them in to hose guides in our garden. They will look really cool. Initially I only bought one, as I was carrying it around the antique fair I got some really odd looks and it made me really just want to walk around town with the boys and one pin. Just to see how people react, people are weird. But I guess that is OK too.

More about the desire to doze off the other day, it really wasn't because I was tired...but sometimes when I haven't made anything lately, I just get really bored of myself and my musings and YUCK, I have got to get out of my head...maybe others can relate??

Fiber Art show...yes, I got a piece in and I am so pleased. It was the wind-up bird with the wonky favorite. I am a little nervous, but excited to share.

That is it for now...I have to go and watch some Battlestar Galactica, before the husband decides to pack it in for the night (I am only on season 3, right after the cylon invasion....what is the resistance going to do??? Quite thrilling.)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hunting and the grand reveal!

I went to this great class last Saturday and on Sunday we got to go on a FIELD TRIP!! I love field trips, even if this one started at 6 a.m.! These are just a few of my treasured sights (why they are so small, I will try to forgive blogger)...later I will have to post my treasured FINDS!! Let's just say, I totally got PINNED! The bottom two pictures are of myself and my sweet friend Emily... I am trying to remember if I have mentioned her before...

And man, I can't remember, so let's pretend that she is new to you... We have been friends since 7th grade (she was in 8th, but we were in the same homeroom, were both tall, with dark hair, and a penchant for silliness.) We have ridden the ebb and flow of life and growing up and have found ourselves now as crazy, artistic, stay at home mommies...seeking the balance between art, craft, life, family, and self (not necessarily in that order.) It has been a wild trip, but I am happy that we get to meet somewhere on the continuum. She inspires me to keep trying new things and to have confidence in my own style artistically. It is just nice to have a friend like this... AND she totally introduced me to blogs, and since I am vain I started my own.

Wait, did I just call all of us who blog vain?? Yep, well, maybe not you, but I am a kind of vain, I will admit it.

Speaking of vain...
Here is my first totally HAND stitched project (it ended up being about 12X14 inches). I am so pleased with myself. Really, I am. I struggled with starting it and then when I had to give away in this swap...I just wanted to keep it. Finally, I had to seal it in it's envelope, so I wouldn't look at it anymore. All so I could take it to the post office and send it away!

I did receive a lovely quiltlet in return so no sadness here.
(Why, blogger, do you flip pictures?? You are so vile at times, and yet I need you...curses!)

I am feeling some bad vibes from blogger right now...I will be back!


Saturday, September 06, 2008

WOW, has it really been 4 years???!

So, I wrote this WHOLE OTHER post...and then I fell asleep. I was SO BORING, yea, I just dozed right off. SO I am just going to say "so" a few more times...

and then I am going to say "Yahoo, I got in to my first ever JURIED fiber art show!" ...(stay tuned for more details when I don't just bore myself SO much.)

and then I will say some thing like....well, "I am going to my first ever SCRAPBOOKING class tonight, and I am kind of nervous, because it is out of my comfort zone" and I am being silly about ALL of a dork.

But that is what you have to do to get out of the funk.... I did purge 4 bags of fabric (that I NEVER was going to use.) this week and my boy started school. I am coming off of my "school starting/summer ending" anxiety trip (please let it be ending!)

It is time to end this post right quick...

take care