Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some spring, some eyes and ears....

Last fall I finally got around to planting some croci...I have always thought that they were sort of throw away bulbs, the losers...BUT they are so early, and I love the glowy color in the cold of February.  Not losers... very pretty.
I have been in a photo rut.  The light here during the winter is funky and I have started to get snotty about my camera... But then I thought that I would just take a bunch of "whatever" pictures and "come what may" pictures and I remembered how much I like stealing little shots of my boys faces.  How the next day they will have changed and how their ears are only going to get bigger...you know, you better go and take some right now.
This is totally my youngest son...chapped lips and all, he is SUCH a card!
This perspective of my older boys eye...it could be me before I started plucking my eyebrows, or it could be my brother....but actually not with those lashes.
He really wanted me to take a picture of his ear... and he really liked that it looked like a "curled up baby", yes, where does he come up with this stuff
All of our eyes in the hammock. (It was SO cold, but sunny...hey, there is my first ever quilt...we've come a long way baby!)
Sometimes I can get us all in...
Sunny moments, you've got to get them while you can!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Unfortunately, Jessica...

Today I was reading this and it was so funny that I had to try for myself...the results are as follows: ( I just googled "Unfortunately, Jessica" but you should do your own name)

Unfortunately, Jessica was taken by a nasty chest infection, very unusual for Jess, and was unable to perform on the first night.

Unfortunately, Jessica and Sydney are both very well-endowed.

Unfortunately, Jessica's action figure was one of several from the Droids and Ewoks line that was never released to distributors.

Unfortunately, Jessica was the first to be voted off the island, to her total shock and disbelief.

Unfortunately, Jessica's beach volleyball career was cut short due to a back injury.

Unfortunately, Jessica was unable to resist the sexy power of Seductryanyca's Diamond Claw, and she died.

Unfortunately, Jessica had just gotten into that car less than 10 minutes before the accident happened.

Unfortunately, Jessica has left us thinking that she is just another "blonde bimbo".

Unfortunately, Jessica became ill due to the uranium deposits in the mountain, and her father was unable to treat her.

Unfortunately, Jessica's time is running out. She must try and reach the Halloween Ball.

Unfortunately, Jessica's family would not allow the relationship to continue, due to her royal status.

*Unfortunately, Jessica is cursed with a tendency towards major faux pas.

Unfortunately Jessica had an accident with the skate blade to her face.

*Unfortunately, Jessica did not know what that was, but tried unsuccessfully to find it.

*Unfortunately, Jessica does not lack any in the brains department and easily outwitted him, despite his telepathic abilities.

Unfortunately, Jessica's motherhood glow and smiles are already gone, and it's back to the pouty frowny face.

Well, well, that was a hoot... you should try it out too (leave me a message, I want to read yours!)
I tried to omit the ones directly related to Jessica Simpson, Jessica Biel, or Jessica Alba...they were just too easy.  And man I am so bummed about the action figure, I also starred the ones that could be true!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happiness is...

...Sharing damp Nerds with an almost 3 year old....really, it isn't as gross as it sounds.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Six years ago, today, a momma was made...

We are 6.
So proud, so smug at times, but so special to me...
What he likes:
Books (the library rocks!)
Stuffed Animals
his friends
Peanut Butter and Honey sandwiches WITH Raisins
Mac and Cheese 
Toy meals
Knock-knock jokes
Figuring out the "Code" a.k.a. learning to read
Other peoples' siblings
Doing Arts and Crafts (especially with scissors and glue)
"relaxing clothes"
Hugs from mom

People not washing their hands after using the toilet
OTHER people making loud noises (he can make them, alrighty)
Having his train of thought interrupted
Cleaning up the Legos
Cleaning up the Arts and Crafts
Not being understood
Any other fruit besides apples...they are "too juicy"

What I like especially right now:
Reading the BOB books to me from the library, right off the bat
Your laugh
Your smile...your teeth chipped from when you ran in to the doorknob
Your big puppy feet
Your enthusiasm to try most anything, even if you are not the most gifted at it
Hugging your brother and calling him "Brother..."
Laughing as loud as I do at the movie theater
The way that your brain works
Your gentleness with your friends
Your desire for knowledge
Your curiosity, I wish I could tell you more about what you want to know

You teach me about what love is everyday.

I love you, my big boy, my first son.  Thanks for making me your mommy.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What day is it?

My in-laws are jewelers...so come February, after the annual trek to the gem show in Tucson, the Ohhhhs and Ahhhhhs arrive in Oregon.  This year, like the past few, there were so many pearls to admire.  I like the Dark-colored South Sea pearls the best, but these peachy ones captured my attention this year.
I have been married to this family for SO many years now, but seeing all of the jewelies still is very exciting and satisfies all of my inner princess desires.

It is also fun to see me kids get excited about it too, I am sure that makes Grandpa happy as well.

Note about daily posting:
I like it and I don't.  I like feeling like posts can be silly and not "meaningful" but Boy, did I choose a ridiculous time to try.  (a lot is going on right now)  But that is life, you live and learn!  I did see that more people are reading...even if the comments are a bit low.  That is always fun to note.
We have some snow falling...I guess spring will wait a bit longer.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Day TWENTY-FIVE: Youtube...I think I got it...

Day 25: Let's all be thankful for good laughs and funny people. Ellen...she is pretty funny.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


What do cats chase?
a mouse
2 birds
a fish
a dog
a rat
and a little kitten (shown crawling up the cats head).
Are you doing anything springy?
I bought some orange tulips and we are enjoying their cheerful glow.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Day TWENTY-TWO: Spring is HERE??!

Day TWO-dy-two:  It was so nice here today.  The sun was shining and it was over 50F!!  That is a recipe for love in my book.  Here we are barely in to February and I am so in love!  This happens almost every year, we will have a warm week in February and then all the gardener in you will get a excited and breathing heavy...like fresh peas are just around the bend, the trees will all flower, then we will get the mother of all Frosts and then people all over town will be weepy about their peach blossoms.  SO sad, but for today LOVE.   
The first thing that I spotted were these 2 crocuses...croci??  I was so surprised and delighted that the funkiness of the picture hardly bothers me at all...really.
Then to prove to you all that there is sun in Oregon, here are our boots... in the glorious sun.  We had them on and we were working to clear away some of the scary out there in the yard and garden.  I did find some wonderfully slimy chard from the last frosty night... I guess this year I will just have to plant new, instead of having the chard plants that just keep growing and growing despite my neglect and the bounty of snails and slugs that I grow every year.
Finally, my eldest son wanted to take a picture of this forlorn garden glove that has been laying frozen on the porch.... I took a closer look and it looks like it is giving the OK signal.  Don't you think?
I think that it is actually saying "OK, Spring, bring it ON!"

Monday, February 02, 2009

Day TWENTY-ONE: Cute things alert!

Day 21: KAWAII!!!
This has sent me over the edge...so cute!

This was really cute too... A fun idea for little softies and quilts.

I like these felt creations!

And then I saw this last night but my friend over here posted some of it for you all to enjoy...it is really SO funny.  If you have a moment you should watch it.  

And THEN I almost forgot to wish you all a happy this day!  (I don't really believe him, I think that spring is coming EARLY this year, and if it doesn't, then we can just all pretend.)


Sunday, February 01, 2009

Day TWENTY: Sewing again...

Day 20:  I finally finished my first garment for my pattern making that is viewable!!!!  Unfortunately (?), I couldn't get my son to model it (it is a skirt) so I will take pictures after I give it to it's new owner.  Look and look...I am over half-way done with the quilting on my project for this quilt-a-long.  I am so happy with it.  I will share more when it is done.
Here is my new FAVORITE fabric...I think that it is called "spotted owl" by Alexander Henry.  I want yards and yards of it...all of the colorways.  I just like it so much.
Here is a blast from the past...I found it again today and thought that it needed to be out so that I could dream of some cool way to use it...any ideas?