Saturday, July 06, 2013

Looking at quilts... now and then.

Last December I bought a used Long Arm quilting machine... it was such a good deal and I knew that I could put it to use-- but I did not have a designated space for it (details!)  It was bought and the task of figuring out where to set it up became the studio rearrangement project/life rearrangement project of 2013.  I am not there yet-- I am definitly doing the good work of getting there and in the mean time I am making lots of simple tops to use as practice for when the garage is finally insulated and lit.

I am accepting now that life is a series of plans we make and then what we end up doing when those plans need some tweaking.  The plan tweaking has been such a good learning experience... 2013 is my year of saying YES to things.  I am spending less time over-weighing what a precious stack of FQs is going to be and just cutting them up and sewing them back together.  I am trying out using a pattern!

My Tula Pink, Birds&Bees, is now a fun (and fast) top made with the St. Louis 16 Patch tutorial(picture below).  Above is a Modern Meadows version of Mardi Gras by Villa Rosa designs  (Patterns for less than a latte!! I got to meet her at Spring Quilt Market and that was super fun!)

Jelly roll race with my self... this is going to be a happy little quilt for my hammock!

This is the first quilt that I ever made... I thought I was going to hand quilt the whole thing and finished 3 blocks before I tied the rest.  Best laid plans, no?!  I think that the old adage of "finished is better than perfect" is really good to remember.

I will practice reminding myself of that.  Also I need to ask myself more often "What am I planning and what am I actually doing?"

I want to be in the practice of doing.