Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Things that I have seen lately....

Scene in Roseburg....what a combo! Look closely, then look again.

My sweet boy and his love of my umbrella.

Super-man and dog breath chews.

Super-man in repose.

These are just a beginning, I am kind of fixated on this weird lolly-pop holder. It not only holds the pop, but if you press the "S" the lolly rotates and his fist pumps up and down. I think that I might ask my son if Superman can travel with us. He LOVES Superman.

I think that I might also.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Movies, ones I might be embarassed about...

Last night I was talking with some friend about movies that you "just LOVE", but you are sort of ashamed, or maybe just a bit shy about admitting to. It was really funny, mostly because I have a horrible head cold and I felt like I was inside of a tunnel and I was desperately trying to remember bad movies that I liked.....and I was trying SO HARD. I just couldn't think of anything. I came up with some thing like "Adventures in Baby-sitting" which everyone knows is actually a stellar flick. Finally I remembered "The Core", which is really bad, but SO good!! It also made me feel better that someone else had seen it and also respected its awful-ness.

So, I am needing some help, to dig out from the recesses of my mom-addled brain "good/bad" movies. I would like to hear yours too....they don't have to be total stinkers, but ones that, perhaps, people might not know that you know all the dialogue to, or that you're totally "crushin' on" the "McDreamy" of the "Can't Buy Me Love" era. These are also movies that, given a free Sunday afternoon, you would SO watch them yet AGAIN!

Here are a few of mine:

Can't Hardly Wait---Seth Green is mighty funny as "Special K"
Blast from the Past--Brendan Fraser is so charming with his 50's dorkyness
Anaconda--J.Lo and Ice Cube...need I say more?
10 things I Hate about you... Heath... what a dish!
An incomplete list, yes, but I want to hear yours!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Ta Daaaa....

So here it is....
My completion in reverse....not to be poetic, just because I can't figure out the format of this crazy blog page. Oh well...
So I finished it, completed. It felt great to put that last stitch in. Then there was this other feeling, what next?? What next? What do I fill my (few) extra waking moments thinking about or doing?
Ok, so this is the downside to finishing something, the obsession wanes and then there is a void. In the past there was no void to fill because I could always obsess about what I should be doing to finish whatever "it" was.

I think that I am going to have to get used to this "finishing" bit.

Monday, March 05, 2007

My secret, if I sent it in....

Not me, not my kid....Yes, it's my life. Here I am one year later, sorta tired sometimes....but the bad stress is late night panic attacks are about my art/craft desires not if I shut off my FIA. Thank goodness.

NO (emphatically), I don't miss the rat race one bit.

Especially not on an exceptionally lovely March day that I spent with my kids at the park. They got totally coated in nasty water and sand. Luckily, I had candy cane striped PJs for the oldest one to slip on to his knobby, colty legs. I can't believe how much can change in a year.

What a beautiful life!

(again picture from

I talked to a wonderful woman at United the other day and she let me get a ticket.....I am so gonna love it!!!! Watch out you Swedes!