Monday, March 31, 2008

quick peek...a week in pictures...

I have been missing my blog time.
Between coughing and
Easter and
and after looking at my pictures...
the lambing barn and
quilting and
breakfast dates on the bus and
more quilting and
painting and
finally some sunshine.
I guess Spring Break was sort of busy.

I am hoping to get back into the blog of things soon....the kid's room will be done tonight and thank goodness, I will be able to get my little realm back to "normal".
I hope that others enjoyed a warmer and drier vacation than we did (I think that it "snowed" 4 of the 7 days this week)----But my plants are growing and that makes it all OK.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


I got to see him tonight.
I got to hear his words from his own mouth--real time.

It was amazing, mostly because I don't like these types of things. I don't like being in large groups of people with crazy amounts energy. But, I do have to say that tonight it felt good. It felt really good to look around our local basketball arena and feel people, hear people, see people wanting change. For the most part things stayed on the positive--what we WANT as Americans instead of what we don't want. It is powerful to look around a huge room and see people wanting to be a community. A community of people who care about their neighbors, who want them to have healthcare, opportunities in education and employment, clean air, and a government accountable to the People and to the Constitution. I think that people around me have always wanted these things, but because of the divisiveness of popular politics--it has been "very out of fashion" to admit to wanting these things.

Obama spoke of "being willing to challenge ourselves to be better neighbors, and better parents, and better citizens, then there would be no problem that we could not solve, there would be no destiny that we could not fulfill."

The thing is--- I actually believe this, I have for a long time and I have just never heard a Presidential candidate say it out loud. He was the first for me, that is why I am going to vote for him. I have heard people laughing about comments like this as being naive and that Barak really is just telling us what we want to hear...blah, blah, blah. Well, I will take the earnestness of a man who is calling upon each of us to unite, take responsibility for, and make something of our country over the cynicism of the status quo ANY DAY. If I can't believe that these things are possible, I just can't go on living in this country. The only way that I can see to go on, to instill in my children a desire to leave things better than when they found it, to help others when you are able, to be accountable for your actions, is to believe that change is large and small ways.

No matter what happens in November, no matter who is in the White House, It was wonderful tonight to hear someone speak words that I feel in my own heart. It was wonderful tonight to look out on a sea of faces and recognize within them that there was that same desire that is within me-- a desire for Community instead of division, Growth instead of stagnation, and Hope instead of fear.

Two Words that I kept seeing tonight:
followed by
I like that--simple, yet doable in so many ways.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

One for the husband...

This post is just for my husband, he wanted to share some important facts about every one's favorite Texas Ranger, please enjoy with caution---you might just laugh a bit.
I saw this quilt this weekend and I am TOTALLY obsessed. It is so gorgeous (this is not the best picture) and I want to make one...the stripes and the red tips---the cheddar one in the middle...YUM!
Here is the info---I finally remembered to take note.
We ate skinnamon rolls...I think that I snagged a few bites, but it wasn't easy.
This is so my youngest's personality---He WILL sit at the big table and eat with the big fork, who cares if he can see...Power to the people!
Excuse this picture, I need to document these curls--they are like a golden halo, and I fear they will not last.
I am watching a sweet little British dramady William and Mary about an undertaker and a midwife that fall in love and try to create a life together Brady style. I am also totally hooked on Juno, the music and the movie. I find nerdy tunes son asks for me to replay the bride song. It is quite cute.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

There is always more to come...

Here I am again--so long gone--mostly in my head--but feeling a bit silly about feeling shy.
This happened AGAIN, please read my tutorial, so that you too can learn how to experience the "Why didn't I cut the edge shorter?" feeling along with me. I am sure that it will happen again, I rarely learn things the easy way. I think that I prefer to do mostly everything the hard way (X2) so that I "can build character." If you must know, I think that I maybe full-up of character at the moment, so maybe I should just let myself be.
I did try something new--meaning, a wonky house made for a cute little wind-up bird. I have been thinking about this and while I decided that the house was not my most favorite thing...making this little quilt was a favorite thing and I am looking forward to finishing the quilting (maybe tomorrow morning??)

Making these funny little quilts and funny little blocks (to be shared later)is very freeing and it brings a joyfulness and a playfulness to my spirit and a passion that I had been missing (but not realized the lack of). Thanks again to Lazy Gal Tonya for her inspiration, hard work and willingness to share her own quilting passion. She just started another class that could help you to find that passion as well...join us if you like!

I feel better now, not so sheepish, thanks for not letting me hold it against myself.