Thursday, September 15, 2011

Coburg, Oregon 9-11-11 5:30am-10am--- Annual treasure hunt

I love pictures that evoke and idea or a memory for me. These inspire color combinations, quilt block ideas, and just funny juxtaposition of things. They make me smile and remember what a great time I had at the Coburg Antique Fair with 2 awesome sisters. That they are nice enough to hang out with me and shop and laugh and in the early morning hours is so great!. I did buy 2 quilt tops... I had too. Maybe we can have a future quilt show of all of the old tops that I simply had to rescue from the rag pile. I am a such sucker.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

You said the "Word of the Day!"

So glad I have a friend to share a bit of "ham" and Pee-wee with!
More from the Coburg Antique Fair shortly!

Sunday, September 04, 2011

The little bear with embryo hands...

Some one is not very happy that their quilt was sent away... but he still kept knitting and knitting and knitting.
This little project (Doll Quilt Swap #11) is finally done, finally sent, and finally received. What a relief! It is very small, I think only about 14"x 11". I spent so much time agonizing over how to quilt it, and if I even had the skillz to make a tiny quilt, but by the end I really enjoyed the process of making it "just right". Now if I could just find the picture of the little beauty that I received... at least it is a 3 day weekend.