Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Quiet riot!

I cut in to my precious Kaffe fabrics. I am so glad this is finished, so glad. It is brightening all of my grey mornings these days. That is a good thing. Hope you are having a SPOOOOOOKY weekend!

Hanging at the Apartment house...

I finished it a few months ago, but Blondie has been wrapped up in it. It is amazingly hard to take a full picture with a little boy burrito'd inside. Today was sunny and Mango was sleeping, so we hung it up and took a few pics. This quilt was made for story times, laying on the floor and playing "I spy", and making a sleepy boy cozy. It works.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What a week!

I would like to thank Kelly for supplying the word of the week... Do you want a gander at the newest Quilt Guild in Eugene? The Eugene Modern Quilt Guild had it's inaugural (I like to use that word as much as possible) meeting this past week, the week that will be forever heralded as "Jessica's crazy Awesome week"Scraps flew as we made name tags, an excellent ice breaker (Thanks Kelly, AGAIN!) I jabbered on, like I do, but people seemed excited to get a group going and excited about getting to sew with some other cool people (which just made me more excited.) We had 27 people show up, more than were even signed up on the website. I was so heartened to see so many creative quilters in one place... LIVE!
We talked about our group and then had lots and lots of show and tell. I was able to share 2 large quilts that I have recently finished (I don't have a good full picture of either of them, but I am SO pleased with them..maybe a project for tomorrow?) I am always making some kind of OVER-expressive face... my face just does that when I talk, I mean I do get really excited about things and I can't help it. This is Blondie's Apartment House.
Here is my Kaffe Fassett favorites quilt... I am loving that it is done, done, done--and the colors, I love to look at those colors. Running this first meeting was a stretch for me, but it felt good. (and then Oh my! We get to do another one next month!!)
Then it was Pumpkin patch day with Blondie's class... I don't write it enough but I am in love with my kids, even when I have to take 20 pictures to get one where they are all looking at the camera. I just love them.
Finally, as an early birthday present to myself (As of yesterday, I have officially entered my LATE 30s) I went to a Kaffe Fassett lecture in Sisters. It was a beautiful day, so much sunshine, so many lovely pictures of quilts... not as star-struck as I was "back in the day" (I just re-read that post... wow, good to meet You, former self... keep up the good work.) But really good to listen to his talk and then mellow out the hero-worship. I haven't made a huge number of quilts in the past 2 years, but I am finding my style and my voice. That feels good.
36 years on this earth... I remember being younger. Some discrete things were better, but not the whole of life. Life is so good now. I like me and appreciate me at 36 in a way that I did not when I was 20 or 25 or 30 even. I am gentler with myself as a person. I am faster to try something different and more comfortable if it was a mistake. Not perfect, but not upset about THAT anymore. I am happy to say that I do believe that my best days are still ahead of me, maybe not every one...but I have more to do. 36 is going to be a good one for me. I am going to try more crazy stuff. I want to do more things that I am afraid of, to seek a comfortable spot between what I do now and what I dream of doing. I want to live closer to the dream. It is going to be a big year, yes it is.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Afternoon fun is BACK!

It always starts with just one of them... but then the other two follow. At least today it was something fun and relatively safe...
Blondie has had an artistic renaissance. I think he has been doing a lot of projects at school, so now he feels more inclined to start art at home. (just guessing) Well, Little (or not so little any more) Mango saw her brother with the markers out and she just had to get in the act. I don't remember the boys wanting to color at this young, but for two days now she has been demanding to color too. (she was such a placid baby... now, she really works HARD to make each and every desire that she has KNOWN.) (What a set of lungs!)
Maybe crafternoon is back for a while now....now if ol' mommy could just loosen up a little bit, we could have some serious fun!