Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Some words of hope to a Sweet, Swedish meatball...

My sweet, sweet husband sent me this update to an earlier blog (see Secretos). I love it.
Those muffins sure do make me laugh. We actually took a pack to a potluck last month....and I have to ask,


They are large.

That said, I had a wonderful Mother's day at the ocean. I thought of all you nice moms who have made my journey easier and more fun and hope that you all had a wonderful day too.


**Note to my Meatball mommy friend-- you make this mom trip more fun....the boys are great, I love them, but to have someone who helps find the humor in never sleeping/eating/pooping alone again...


Also the timing of this is a sign. I think that it means that if we can all just think that we all are just doing the best that we can.... It is gonna be alright.

MAYBE not the best time ever, but ok.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Goth/Punk vs. just dirty...

I was at the library yesterday with the whole brood. We were snacking on some bagels, because my youngest had a meltdown on the 2nd floor...you know where the adult books are....and it is really, really quiet. We needed a bagel.
While we ate I noticed all of those "mall rats", the teens that kind of loiter around in our downtown, causing all good and upright people to run to the large shopping malls and big box stores for their commerce and leave all the good merchants of the downtown, to struggle until they finally move to the large shopping mall......but back to the "mall rats".... I was so happy to see that FINALLY the Goth/Punk look is back! HOORAY!

I was getting so tired of dirty teens begging me for change, the kind with their dirty baggy pants and hempy looking shirts.... the begging teens are now DECKED out in their cool black tight pants, multi-hued tutus, and dark-dark hair and make-up!

I am so happy!!!!

The disgruntled teen fashion of my youth is back in style. I always thought that if you were going to rage against "the man", you should do it with some kick-a#$ flair.


I salute you-- teens of the downtown, THANKS for bringing the Goth/punk scene back to your herd as you move through our empty downtown! I am so serious, I was tired of the dirty wannabe hippie stink, the Goth look is so much edgier and much more exciting to see. LOVE LOVE THE TUTUS and the striped knee-high socks!!!!!