Monday, October 23, 2006

CD/video review 4U

"Here Come the ABCs"
They Might Be Giants

Disclaimer: While no one would say that I have ever been "hip", back in "the day" I did enjoy music more on the alternative side, including many of They Might Be Giants' songs for the older set. Now, I mostly listen to Raffi.

As a mom of a preschooler, I can now say that I have logged some serious hours of listening to trite, predictable, irritating kid's music. After listening to this CD and watching this video, I was overjoyed that I had found something that both my three-year-old AND I could enjoy. "Here Come the ABCs" is a refreshing and inventive take on learning the ABCs. It contains funny, non-sensical songs that are enjoyable for kids as well as parents.

Both the songs and the video are reminiscent of the early Sesame Street years, silly voices and for the "Q U" song, silly people dressed up as letters and appearing around, what I think, is New York City. Some people may think that the lyrics are too weird and bizarre, but young kids love that stuff. They are so mystified by how things work in the adult world that a song about how "E Eats Everything" is just strange enough to make sense or at least amuse. So give it a try, at least it is not another rendition of "Wheels on the Bus".


emilyruth said...

you are so great...
love that you are blogging:)

i downloaded 'Q-U' a while ago
for obvious reasons i suppose:)

love the giants
but nothing can compare to
birdhouse in your soul...

also try either of john lithgows cd's
really fun
& not at all causing parents to jump off bridges:)

Yaz and Rob said...

Ok, now I need to download it. I will get Rob, the nerd, on that. Sometimes it is good to be a little neeerrdddyyy...Also, I will look for John Lithgow's CD. Love the info sharing that is going on here! Haha.