Friday, February 08, 2008

Has it been the LOOOOOngest week??

Here it is...the last normal day (Tuesday). I thought that it was too good to be true, the boys played together, no squabbles, they practically begged to share time on the easel. I should have known.
My littlest was running a bit slow this day. We had a wonderful morning. When he told me at lunch time that "Mama, nap...Nap time"...I thought "AWESOME!! He is totally getting this!" I should have known.

Then when the snot and the coughing started after that little nap. I should have known.

My baby has been sick now for four days. This is definitly the worst sick ever (for him)...the coughing and mucus...yuck, who knows mucus like a mother....You getting me? The sad part is he still pretends like he doesn't feel bad, singing "DAY-O" as loud as his raspy voice will let him. It could be so heart-warming if it wasn't so pitiful.

Maybe tomorrow he will feel better.
I hope so.
I hope that the rest of us don't get it...yikes, I should have known.


emmi said...

Oh, I pity you. My kids and hubby have the same yucky cough. Fortunately I've been spared. Hopefully you have been as well.

Left Coast Sister said...

My inlaws have coughed for months, it seems! Hope you are all on the mend in your house... come south for some warm (65 degree) weather to cook out that cold!!

Yaz and Rob said...

Ahhhh, it is the evil of enjoying to good without thinking the bad is coming. It is a scary slope we slide as parents. I really have gotten to where if I desire something I think it might not happen if I don't do it immedialtely because a kid dilemma will creep in and squash it. Oh, now I am sounding really depressed....