Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hi there, aren't we so excited around here?

I was at Joann's today and they had 50% off Kona cotton solids, so they ended up being $2.99/yd. They didn't have the best selection, BUT they did have a few that I really liked. I just looked at the web site, but I couldn't figure out when the sale ends.

Good luck!


Clare said...

Do you know if the sale is online too?

Katy said...

darn. I wish I lived in the US.

btw - that quilt is awesome.

日戲風格 said...


Lucyellen said...

Wonderful quilt pictured here ~ the design! and the fabrics!
oh, and I'm a newly found lover of solids. Big time. So thanks for the heads up :)

Rob said...

You know I love a sale! Love seeing Ben too!