Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello Little Mango, 9 months old!

My little Mango. You are 9 months old. I can't believe that you have now been out of my body as long as you were in it. You are just now getting your top teeth. While they were working their way out you liked to grit your gums together and make a spitty "SHHHHHH" noise. We just got back from Grandmanu's birthday at the ocean and you were the best traveller, very easy going and willing to roll with whatever the day brought. (thank goodness you don't take after your mother in that way!)

I love that your sense of humor is developing. If there is some one laughing you are happy to join in with your infectious giggle. You love to make a smiley face that your Auntie refers to as the "hamburger face". This past week you have become obsessed with my coffee mug (maybe because you see how much I love it... and what is in it.) and balls. More than any of my children you love to play with balls, large ones, small ones, any size. It is fun for us to roll them across the floor and have you chase after them.

You crawl conventionally now. I never thought you would. I always thought that you would move on your belly like a baby seal pup until you walked. It does help with your swift and stealthy movement. You can disappear from a room as soon as I turn my head. I appreciate how you like to help with the laundry and enjoy playing with your brothers. Everyone remarks about what an easy going little girl you are. I have to agree. It seems that where your Dad and I go, you like to go too. Thanks for that, you are a wonderful little girl.


Katy said...


This whole site is AMAZING! (Georgie sent me a link today).

I love the interaction with little Mango in today's pictures.

We met two years ago and I'm hoping we get up there this summer!

emilyruth said...

she is such a sweetie!
happy 9 mo
little mango :)