Tuesday, September 07, 2010

DQS#9 Finished!

Not much to say today, just a little quilt share. I must say that this is attempt #2 for the ol' Doll Quilt Swap #9 (there are some AWESOME quilts this round, every round actually. SO inspirational). I finished the top of #1 and my husband said "I like the Southwestern vibe" WELL, it was NOT Southwestern that I was going for (not that there is anything wrong with that)... and then that was all I could see, and we all know how that goes...

I am happy to say that after finishing this one, I liked the bubbles so much that I am adding bubbles to the "southwestern" one and I think that it is all going to be OK.

School is really starting tomorrow! I had a moment tonight while making dinner. A moment where I just had to stop what I was doing and do a happy dance because Mango takes naps... and sometimes it will just be she and I during the week now. The house is so quiet when she sleeps... and I can sew as much as I like... just me, sewing! Now I have to go and do a dance again!


Clare said...

Your DQS quilt is adorable. I love the bubbles.

Enjoy yourself!

Tonya R said...

very cute! and wheee for more time for you!