Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Afternoon fun is BACK!

It always starts with just one of them... but then the other two follow. At least today it was something fun and relatively safe...
Blondie has had an artistic renaissance. I think he has been doing a lot of projects at school, so now he feels more inclined to start art at home. (just guessing) Well, Little (or not so little any more) Mango saw her brother with the markers out and she just had to get in the act. I don't remember the boys wanting to color at this young, but for two days now she has been demanding to color too. (she was such a placid baby... now, she really works HARD to make each and every desire that she has KNOWN.) (What a set of lungs!)
Maybe crafternoon is back for a while if ol' mommy could just loosen up a little bit, we could have some serious fun!


Kristin Shields said...

What fun! I love your new blog header- did you make that?

yasmiene said...

Alice is so cute, love see her, I feel like I missed her whole first year.