Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quick stop... found some smiling faces!

As I was trying to organize my thoughts about the last two weeks into something coherent, I came across these two pictures... and then I thought that I should just post them today.

They are from the EMQG quilt show reception. My friend Emily came with her daughter. She and Blondie were born just a day apart and were in the same preschool class (they are now graduates!) Emily and I have been friends since she walked in to Mr. Schroeder's homeroom class in the fall of 1987. She was a new student and had absolutely NO idea that I was friendless, dorky, and the queen of getting my bra strap snapped. She made my 7th grade year at Oaklea, not only bearable but really, really awesome.
I am so glad that she is still a good friend and someone I can count on, after all of these years.


Denise said...

That is awesome to have a friendship like that, everyone should be so lucky!!! I have my bestie still since we were 12 and our sons are a month apart. She lives a ways away, but when we talk monthly, it is like no time has passed...I love it! Such a blessing to have a friend in your life who has known you forever like that!

emilyruth said...

oh jess!
i just saw this!
you are too sweet!
i don't buy for a second that you were a dork...
except that i do love dorks
so maybe i do buy it...
i'm so glad that we found each other...
oaklea will never be the same, i'm sure :)

also those two pictures are so fun next to each other :)

i love you, my friend <3