Friday, August 19, 2011

Fullness of life :)

My mom had surgery for a really yucky infection in her original tumor site this morning. She made it through and I just wanted to post some pretty pictures. I love that people are so generous with their lives on Flickr. They post pretty things that either spark me creatively, emotionally, or just give my eyes a little joyride.

I love making mosaics... and then sitting and looking at them when I need a little pick me up. I appreciate all of your thoughts and comments the past months, and acknowledge that my responses have been spotty at best. Every one of them I have read and taken some comfort from. Between Cancer, infections, planning trips to Hawaii, and those three gorgeous and ACTIVE kids of mine--- time is FULL. Life is very full. I was looking across the room the other day at Big Daddy and just thinking that I am glad that when there is an ebb in the fullness of life right now, we will still have each other. We still will have laughter, a messy house, and love. Maybe I don't like the messy house, but it comes with the other two SO I WILL TAKE IT!

I just want to get to September and take my mom to Hawaii. I really do.

I am thankful right now for a resilient spirit. At this moment I know that I will not be given more than I can handle, but that it takes me a moment to find my legs to stand. I know that I am able to laugh and cry-- sometimes simultaneously... and then go and fold some laundry so that we can all have clean clothes.


Belinda said...

Oh wow....luv the mosaic photos too!

And of course my eyes immediately saw
the word HAWAII!!!! You gals are gonna have a time for sure!!! Wishing you both well!!!!!

Thanks for all the wonderful eye-candy you share with us!

Michele Bilyeu said...

Sending healing thoughts for your mother and all of you. Many prayers for continued recovery in all ways and for you to continue to find color and joy in the love that surrounds all of you. ((Hugs and blessings to your beloved mom))

Terri Fogarty said...

love you, Jess.

Tonya Ricucci said...

I've never become hooked on FlickR and doing those mosaics, but I guess I get the same pleasure from pinning tons of stuff on Pinterest and looking at collections there. Thinking good thoughts for you and have a blast on the trip!