Thursday, September 15, 2011

Coburg, Oregon 9-11-11 5:30am-10am--- Annual treasure hunt

I love pictures that evoke and idea or a memory for me. These inspire color combinations, quilt block ideas, and just funny juxtaposition of things. They make me smile and remember what a great time I had at the Coburg Antique Fair with 2 awesome sisters. That they are nice enough to hang out with me and shop and laugh and in the early morning hours is so great!. I did buy 2 quilt tops... I had too. Maybe we can have a future quilt show of all of the old tops that I simply had to rescue from the rag pile. I am a such sucker.



Molly said...

Every year I say I'm going but I never actually get there. This year I completely forgot! Glad you had fun!

emily ruth said...

you always make it so fun!
i love having old memories & making new ones...with you!

love you, my friend :)