Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring back to COLOR!

1. Pastiche Feb. - Alice in Wonderland, 2. I'm not really liking the blue, 3. Mark Cesarik's new line, 4. 713 janet, 5. DSQ12 Sneak peek, 6. Winter Solstice, 7. Mini Dresden bag from Amy, 8. FLQS, 9. spanked Granny yesterday! :D, 10. at least ..., 11. FLiQ upclose 1, 12. Original Design Quilt Category ~ 2nd Place, 13. 38.365, 14. DQS12 - top finished!, 15. Quilt detail for submission, 16. "a polaroid", 17. Yarn Bombed, 18. Red and Aqua Owl Pillow Cover, 19. hot and cold, detail, 20. Hexabetty!, 21. 0326-2011, 22. Schopenhauer's Starling, 23. "A Lute of Jade" ; Still Life Multiple Photograph Image Collage, 24. Quilting, 25. Untitled 

This week caught me a bit unawares and kinda freaked out-- there was snow on Monday... and then blinding Sunshine for 2 WHOLE DAYS!  I wasn't quite sure what to do, squint, get out my sunglasses?  Mystery!

People have been treating me to their own gorgeous colors over on Flickr--- Thank you Flickr friends!!  Enjoy your day, I am hoping for another peek of sun-- and to finish up some colorful projects of my own.

1 comment:

Heidi said...

Wonderful colourful mosaic. Spring is coming here, too !
And I've finally managed to upload your blocks in a mosaic for my blog :-)