Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sleepy Friends?!

Hi all--

Why have I been posting poetry?!

There are animals in my studio!!  They have now made their way over to Fat Quarterly!  Maybe I can finally get some work done!!

(Issue 9 of Fat Quarterly is available here on MONDAY April 30!! You can also make the plunge and get a subscription-- I do not think you will be sorry.  This ezine is always bursting with awesome content and the staff are great people to swap with-- and there are great sponsor deals too!)

If you want to chat, I am busy cleaning up my most recent mess-- learning the "ins and outs" of twitter (@craftypickle -- YO!) printing some COOL stuff, digging the weeds out while the sun shines, and basically embracing the crazy around here.  Times they are a changing!!



Denise said...

Ha that is so cute...AND this morning I was thinking when reading my issue 8 that you should submit something to Fat Quarterly. Great minds I guess! Congrats!!

Alison Glass said...

So wonderful! Huge congratulations! Love the project!

Marit said...

Super pillow! I think it's one of the best projects in this issue of Fat Quarterly. A lovely coproduction with your son. Take care.