Monday, June 24, 2013


Good Monday to you.

  I have renegade leeks, confirmed today, in the grey Oregon afternoon.

Somehow they moved from my garden to my front yard.  I have been watching them grow and grow each day for the last 4 months.  I could have sworn they were giant allium, but when they passed 5 ft in height... nope.  It has been a practice for me, leave the house, look at the volunteers, ask self "what are those?", and then be content to wait to see. 

I am practicing my scientific mind.  I am curious.  I am being patient, waiting calmly. I have finally learned what being patient means, really learned. 

And I practice being patient.  I am practicing being patient with me, with my family, with our life, and with these leeks.  

Today they burst open.  They are glorious.
 And each different and unexpected.

I had no expectation for what they would look like, I had just been noticing them as I journey through my days.  It is a good practice for me, patience, compassion, being curious. 

Amazing things happen, in their own time, every day. We just don't know what exactly they will look like.  It's good.  They are beautiful, I will see what they look like tomorrow.


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