Tuesday, February 27, 2007

trying not to scream!

I am frustrated

Let's say I am trying to use some of the gobs of frequent flier miles that my dear husband has accumulated over the past 3 years.

Let's say that I want to go to Sweden to visit a friend.

Let's say that I deserve to go, I miss my friend, I need a trip. Did I mention that while my husband was on his work trips I was the single super mom?

Let's say that I was on hold, waiting for a human to help me because a certain airlines (bad, bad UNITED!) website keeps pooping out on me.

Let's say that after 30 minutes a human finally says hello to me, yet when he finds that I want to book an international flight and that the web site is not working that he can "transfer me"

Let's say that this "human" transferred me to a busy signal......

That's it

kicked off.


I know that this problem is not life-threatening or on par with war or famine.
But I am still irritated.


Yaz and Rob said...

Let's say I love the drama and I love that you are coming!!!!!!!!

My mom had the same scenario when she was trying to use her miles to book to come here too. We thought she was, well just being her, but I guess it was legit!

Let's say we talk this weekend.


emilyruth said...

oh hate that!

but keep trying
you totally desreve this trip!
i'm so excited for you!

emilyruth said...

oh & you totally DESERVE this trip, too:)