Monday, March 05, 2007

My secret, if I sent it in....

Not me, not my kid....Yes, it's my life. Here I am one year later, sorta tired sometimes....but the bad stress is late night panic attacks are about my art/craft desires not if I shut off my FIA. Thank goodness.

NO (emphatically), I don't miss the rat race one bit.

Especially not on an exceptionally lovely March day that I spent with my kids at the park. They got totally coated in nasty water and sand. Luckily, I had candy cane striped PJs for the oldest one to slip on to his knobby, colty legs. I can't believe how much can change in a year.

What a beautiful life!

(again picture from

I talked to a wonderful woman at United the other day and she let me get a ticket.....I am so gonna love it!!!! Watch out you Swedes!



It is great to see that it really is as rewarding as you hope it will be. I can't wait to be where you are!

emilyruth said...

so glad to have you among the ranks
of the non-working...
yeah, that's it
the ones just sitting around raising the kids:)

love you...

Yaz and Rob said...

YEAH!!!! Watch out Jess is coming and will be loving the kid friendly land of Sverige ("Sweden" in swedsih). I, also, love not working while the little ones are, well, little. I am feeling that work is coming my way again in the near future. It feels like I have another year and that is it. It goes so fast, always, in retrospect.