Monday, March 19, 2007

Ta Daaaa....

So here it is....
My completion in reverse....not to be poetic, just because I can't figure out the format of this crazy blog page. Oh well...
So I finished it, completed. It felt great to put that last stitch in. Then there was this other feeling, what next?? What next? What do I fill my (few) extra waking moments thinking about or doing?
Ok, so this is the downside to finishing something, the obsession wanes and then there is a void. In the past there was no void to fill because I could always obsess about what I should be doing to finish whatever "it" was.

I think that I am going to have to get used to this "finishing" bit.


Rebecca K. said...

So sorry I missed the dafodil drive...gorgeous quilt!


You should spend your time feeling proud! That is beautiful...from one quilter to another that is a huge accomplishment! Well done!

emilyruth said...

oh it looked so great on the wall at the festival!
& i was so proud that i knew you!

great job, jmb!
it is amazing!

enjoy the finished!
it is a great feeling:)

grandmabetty said...

Congratulations. this is a beautiful quilt.
Great pattern and great colors.
Don't wait too long before you design and
do another one. Next winter maybe?

Yaz and Rob said...

What an accomplishment! The thing with success is that it can be a little scary when it deserve a big hug, it is soooooo beautiful!