Monday, April 23, 2007

Beauty is where it happens?

This is a long piece, but quite good. It is a story about life and beauty and whether, we "the busy people", can recognize beauty when it happens, not just when we are in the mood.

I also heard an interview with Joshua Bell on an NPR podcast and was fascinated. Thanks to Ali Edwards for having this link on her site. I wonder what I would have done...I wonder what would have happened if the "experiment" was done in another town, or on another street corner if the result would have been the same.

My message from the article was to continue to try to slow down and EXPERIENCE my life, instead of just GETTING through the day. And, more importantly, to appreciate what my kids have to say and think.
I'm going to do that more.



Jacob and Rachael said...

hi! long time no see!

after a day of "just trying to make it through" we had a semi-emergency (meems knocking tooth out) and i spent over an hour just holding her on the couch and i thought, i want to just be with her more, not buzzing around constantly cleaning or running errands or doing projects. it sucks that it sometimes takes terrible moments to make us slow down.
so anyway - thanks for the blog, i felt ya

emilyruth said...

i loved that article
& i actually read the whole thing!
i love that it has made everyone who has read it
think about how they spend their time
& if they notice the beauty...

love it!

Yaz and Rob said...

ok, that is kind of sad. Why are people not stopping? I do have to say, I never stop though when I hear a street musician. Hmmm...