Friday, May 11, 2007

Goth/Punk vs. just dirty...

I was at the library yesterday with the whole brood. We were snacking on some bagels, because my youngest had a meltdown on the 2nd know where the adult books are....and it is really, really quiet. We needed a bagel.
While we ate I noticed all of those "mall rats", the teens that kind of loiter around in our downtown, causing all good and upright people to run to the large shopping malls and big box stores for their commerce and leave all the good merchants of the downtown, to struggle until they finally move to the large shopping mall......but back to the "mall rats".... I was so happy to see that FINALLY the Goth/Punk look is back! HOORAY!

I was getting so tired of dirty teens begging me for change, the kind with their dirty baggy pants and hempy looking shirts.... the begging teens are now DECKED out in their cool black tight pants, multi-hued tutus, and dark-dark hair and make-up!

I am so happy!!!!

The disgruntled teen fashion of my youth is back in style. I always thought that if you were going to rage against "the man", you should do it with some kick-a#$ flair.


I salute you-- teens of the downtown, THANKS for bringing the Goth/punk scene back to your herd as you move through our empty downtown! I am so serious, I was tired of the dirty wannabe hippie stink, the Goth look is so much edgier and much more exciting to see. LOVE LOVE THE TUTUS and the striped knee-high socks!!!!!



Jacob and Rachael said...

i always wonder how they find the time to put those outfits together. i mean they can't just suddenly have a closet (or duffel bag) full of matching black clothing with all of the accesories too - they must really spend some time shopping, and i'm sure they put a lot of thought into each piece of jewelry and spiked belt piecce. it really is quite impressive and a little inspiring.

emilyruth said...

we went to saturday market a few weeks ago
& there was a guy there
in a booth selling chain-mail(sp?)
bracelets & necklaces
& he had one of the
longest stiffest mohwaks i have ever seen
(besides sanjiya's of course)
& because i am so used to pointing out amazing things to my little Q
i said
'look at that man's hair'
& of course Q said 'where?'
& then i realized that
a) the mohawk man was not a zoo creature that i could just point at
b) Q was just going to keep asking "where? who? what hair?' until i did point
c) i am getting old

but to my credit
i was not repulsed
i was totally impressed
& i so wanted to go up to him & ask if Q could touch it
like we do with strange dogs...


ps your pictures are always so great

Yaz and Rob said...

Also, in Eugene land where lots of people still think we are in the 60's, isn't it nice to have the youth emulate today and not our parents? Yeah! I have to say the people are so clean cut and conservative in Sweden, I forgot what a subnersive looked like!