Sunday, August 17, 2008

There and back again...

Can I do anything but a collage of pictures these days?? I don't know.
I have been going a little heavy on the fabric shopping...must!
I read this in like a day and a half at the beach. I hate to say it because EVERYONE is reading it, but I LOVE IT! Like brain candy, finally a book I could finish, I don't know why, but yum!

I had been reading this...which EVERYONE is reading also...BUT it is not holding my interest. I love Barbara Kingslover's fiction, but her prose seems a bit heavy handed and just not "good"(I know that I am going to be unpopular for writing that...sorry.) I will finish it, but I felt like this was a FAR better commentary on America's eating habits and modes of procurement. I liked the parts that she wrote about her own garden (I thought that this was going to be the "meat" of the book, but it just wasn't for me.) I like the factual articles that her husband had in the book. Maybe it is because I am truly a scientist and gardener at heart, but I felt that she oversimplified things to make her points and that her audience is actually smarter than she gave them credit for. All of my piss and vinegar aside, I totally support what she was/is trying to do and say. I live in a "crazy-environmental-liberal-hot bed" type of town so perhaps I am not her target audience...I can accept that.

***NOTE! I just looked at her web site and it does seems like she is also trying to make a community for people interested in the local food movement and THAT is something that I can really I am a picky crab, I still liked "The Omnivore's Dilemma" better.

SO to sum up, I plan on blogging more as the days shorten. I am still trying to milk the sweet parts of summer, so that when the dark, crispness of fall rolls in, my memories will be full of laughter and times with friends in the sunshine. Hopefully this will keep me satiated through the our wet Oregon winter. The blogging will wait.


Cher said...

love the beach you I am soaking up the current weather and trying not to think of the wet and cold late fall/winter weather ahead in Oregon...

Mia said...

I love the beach house. And while I like the Animal, Vegetable book I do not like her fiction stuff.

woolywoman said...

I think you are right on Ms Kingsolver's book- I felt the best parts of the book were her descriptions of her family's efforts, the chickens, the gardening. I skipped over the parts that were too condescending. The account of the trip to Italy, YUM! Makes me want to go there in the worst possible way.

Diane said...

Love the photos, as usual. Great vantage point in the last one. Just how far up was the water on you?

emilyruth said...

great pics my dear
super cute boys you've got there:)

i am agreeing with you about ms kingsolver
except for different
not as intelligent reasons:
i want it to be a book about her family & how it was for them
& that is all i want
i am shallow
i don't want the facts
i want to learn from other people's experiences

brian loved twilight
& i am almost ready to love it too:)

this rain is really making me happy
don't get me wrong
i would love some more sun before we settle in for the fall & winter
but the rain
i do love it...


Yaz and Rob said...

Love the last paragraph. Beautifully written. Do I need to borrow Twilight when you are done?