Thursday, August 21, 2008

Swap wrap-up!

Here is my little sister quilt to the one that I sent Helen for the Doll quilt swap 4. I love it. I may love it more than my bird+house quilt. Maybe...
Here is my 4 seasons SUMMER swap quilt. It feels like a party quilt to me. I just love the quilting on the cone and the ice cream has real beaded sprinkles. Michelle also sent me some of the "fruits" of her summer canning!! I love jam! Blueberry, Peach, and Strawberry...yum yum yum!
And here we have the cutest mushrooms that I have ever seen...OK, so they are poisonous...I am not going to eat them. I love a red/green combo, year round and this really hit the cute quotient on a high mark. (This was the Doll quilt swap 4 quilt that I received.) I got some wonderful goodies along with this from Manuela in Germany...but the chocolate got "et"...the boys swiped the little toys and the seeds got planted....we will have to just take some pictures after they sprout. (Blogger doesn't want this quilt to be upright...I guess it would be too cute!??)
Finally, not part of an actual swap...but sort of a swap anyway. This beauty I won from Helen's (see above) blog anniversary a few weeks before the end of the Doll quilt swap we swapped, but she just didn't know it until it all got settled in the mail. Funny.

What is up next?
I signed up for a Strawberry Swap...because I was in a strawberry making frenzy and the lady running the swap, code name "Chickenfoot", is a total gas! (I mean funny, hilarious...not stinky) (and don't you just LOVE cool code names?? What I could have done, if I knew then what I know now...)AND I am liking the swap thing right now... it is totally brushing up my construction skills and I have "met" GREAT people from all over the world. Craft our way to world peace I say....

I have also joined some flickr groups, which is quite addictive. Currently, I am in a group that explores a different theme every month and we straight swap (just back and forth, no secret) a 6-12 inch quiltlet. I think that I might have to hold back (we'll see if that actually happens...) on any other swaps until after the holidays....Holidays??? did I just day that?? Yep, I got to get it going on for the handmade holidays this year...I think I can, I think I can....


Leah said...

What a lot of lovely quilts in the one place :) Love the mushrooms too.

What a great coincidence that you won Helen's giveaway when you'd made a quilt for her!

Bizarre Quilter said...

Ooh! I love the bird quilt! Your blog is very inspiring. Thank you.
Loz in Oz

upstateLisa said...

Man, those are some gorgeous quilties!!! You all are so lucky!!!!

Kay said...

Oh those quilts are divine! Thanks for checking out my blog and I look forward to reading yours!

Helen said...

Thanks again for my beauty Jessica! I love it too! I am still chuckling at our quilting karma. :)

emilyruth said...

oh my
these almost make me want to do a swap!

you amaze me
with your joinerness
& not only joining up
but actually doing it!
i think peter cetera said it best
'you're the inspiration'

so awesome

Kellie said...

Great little quilts! It was those little geese in your little quilt that you won that inspired my applique triangles! (piecing is not for me :) ) Thanks for your kind comment on my blog! Nice to 'meet' you!

Mary said...

Cute quilts in this post and cute kids in the previous one.

I like summer but Fall is my favorite season so I'm looking forward to a change. BTW, I didn't enjoy Kingsolver's book either and I usually like her stuff.

Yaz and Rob said...

wow, I was on a blog heatus for a month or two and look at all the festivity I missed. Who'd a thunk? My favorite is the last one from Helen. Love the color.

Kristin L said...

OMG! Fun fun fun stuff. I love your bird quilt and, obviously, the mushroom swap one!