Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Where has the last week and a half gone?? Please tell me, I need to know.

What has been going on out there in Blogland?? Has the weather been nice? I really don't know, I have been working away here. I am still striving for some balance between blogging/flickr/websurfing and actual creating.

BUT for some reason 3 months ago I did not look at a calendar before I committed to a bunch of new projects. This coming Monday, December 1, is THE day, 2 swaps are due, one sculptural project, AND a skirt and blouse are due for my pattern making class. What was I thinking?? I actually thought that I had one more week for the class... enough about all that, let's just say that my machine has been humming right along. AND did I remember that Thanksgiving is this week??? There is preparing to do and it isn't fabric...what will I do??
This past weekend we had Billie Lauder do a workshop for our guild. She was great. I have been trying to take technique workshops the past year or so to help flesh out my mad quilting skillz. She is a hilarious teacher and has a bunch of fun ideas for making different blocks out of cutting and reassembling simple blocks like 4-patches and 9-patches. It was like a vacation. She had us do all the cutting before class, so that once we got there we could just sew, sew, sew.
Here are a few of my blocks that went together quickly, I am only sad that I forgot to take a picture of the tree block that we made from some quick flying geese. (Lily, I finally tried the 4 at a time method and all I want to do is make geese!) I am sure they will peek in here as the holidays get closer.
Here is a sneak peek of my word theme quilt for this swap. I have been experimenting with wool felt applique on cotton...I love it!
Here is a sneak peek at this swap. This quilt I am calling "Sunshine in Winter". The orange bits with the aqua were so cheery to work on in these past few days of gray-gray-gray weather. My partner is also a gray weather sympathizer, I hope that this will bring some sunshine to her day too. (I made sister quilts of both of these for my it really has been a LOT of sewing around here.

Skirt and blouse pictures to follow...depending on how crazy they look, I may model them. We will see...

For my American friends, enjoy this coming holiday with family, friends and craft. For all of my friends I am thankful for this outlet to connect with you and be inspired by your lives and the work of your hands.
Thank you.


Amy said...

OMG, you've been busy!! What a whirlwind of productivity. LOVING your projects! Hope you're able to relax and enjoy Thanksgiving!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

I love Sunshine in Winter - we always need some of that. Fun colors. Good luck with all the projects and Happy Thanksgiving!

Rhonda said...

Wow....Billie L. is my hero....good for you getting to take a class. I know it was fun and you learned loads of techniques. Well, take care.

Yaz and Rob said...

Ahhh, such a busy woman! Love the last quilt that was done for the swap. We loved being with you for thanksgiving! Fabulous friend...!