Thursday, April 16, 2009

Things I have found lately...

Hi there friends!

This I read in the paper today.  It was in a story written by Bob Welch and is attributed to writer Barry Lopez,
"If you are polarized, you're paralyzed.  The loudest mouths are often people who have nothing to say to any of us."

That was thought provoking, I just hate the thought that you are EITHER right OR left, EITHER for us OR against us....

Wait, I just got interrupted by an email from my husband (he is in Korea on a business trip) and he sent us this, go watch it... ( it is worth it to see Simon Cowell's face during the performance) if you ever had a dream and then maybe thought that you were too old to see it through.  Just go watch it.  Thanks Sweetie!  Of course I cried, that is what I do. 

Then, I read something that a friend posted about and I just liked it and thought that others might like it too.

Spooky photobooth
That is about it for today.  I am so excited to share my chair quilt for "Show and Tell" tonight at my guild meeting.  Hopefully you and I will be meeting up again soon!


emilyruth said...

i love that great :)

susan said...

haha funny pix, but um does that look like two boobies on the ceiling in the last pic?? ;o)

Yaz and Rob said...

Yeah! Good times from the four of them, two of them????? hmmmm.