Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Why it is important for children to have balance...

I am not sure if you will believe me, but they got muddier than this... Really, Blondie was a brunette and I wasn't sure that his hair would ever be clean again. All I could see of Brownie's face were the whites of his eyes. Kids need balance. They NEVER would have had this kind of fun if I was not on bed rest and Big Daddy was at work. I can admit that, I am OK with that. I can do arts and crafts, library time and Big Daddy can do mud and large scale painting projects. Big Daddy is not adverse to the crazy mess and I think that is cool. I couldn't stop laughing when the boys came up crying and said that they had mud in their mouth... HOW COULD THEY NOT?? It was Every Where!
While they were doing that I was taking a few "show and tell" pics of our new baby Mango's quilt. Very girlie, muted colors, not my thing as of late (I started it 4 years ago...really I did) but I think that it will fit her perfectly. Pink... it could be my new thing for a while.
The back was just some stash busting and an orphan pomegranate flower block from when I was teaching myself to applique. Funny thing, the flower had a lot of the same fabrics as the front, so it works too. (I am glad that I am not going to be sorting through those fabrics again, some I think that I have had for 10 years... I am a hoarder.)

Here's to hopefully only a few more days of pregnancy and to welcoming a baby girl in to our family!
Take care,


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

cute quilt - I love the back of it! good luck.

Lily Boot said...

the quilt is very pretty and as always I am so impressed by the effort you put into the backing. But don't tell me you're going MUTED! Aaargh!

Diane said...

Big or little, boys will be boys! I think you ought to enter this photo in next year's fair. Do they have a category for "dirty" pictures?

The baby quilt is beautiful. I love scrappy backings. Good for you for having it ready in time.

As for pink, there's no escaping it. It seems to be the number one color for marketing products to girls.

emilyruth said...

did i ever tell you about the time that my mom, kate & i walked over to the big field & had a huge mud fight?
such a great memory of my mom :)
might have to rustle up those pictures...

your boys are too cute :)

i agree about the balance
but i'm on the muddy side
i will admit that :)

your girlie quilt is so sweet...
i love seeing your creations
you are so good!

KnitOneQuiltTooKristin said...

Very sweet quilt and I just love that backing. It's a great use of your orphan block!