Friday, August 28, 2009

No baby yet, but I haven't had a stroke, so it is all good...

Hi there,
I am just popping in for a bit of a visual interlude... The picture above of my youngest (thus far) won a 2nd prize ribbon and a "Banner Award" at our county fair this year. Blondie and I are so excited because a "Banner Award" means that they are going to blow this picture up REALLY huge and hang it at the photo exhibit for next year's fair. He is excited because it is of him and I am excited because I can never figure out what they look for in judging the photos at the fair... but this year I guessed right!

I entered these two also, they didn't win anything, but I do like the colors and the texture in the photos.

These last two I just like and thought I would share.

We are still going in for baby appointments 2X a week. Our appointments consist of getting hooked up to the fetal heart monitor, sipping some juice and listening for our baby girl to wake up and move around a bit. It actually has been kind of fun, because it is a rare occasion that Big Daddy and I get to sit around and do nothing but chat. Sometimes he reads me silly articles from old Parenting magazines, sometimes we snicker about all of the silly products in said magazine that are for "People who have too much money and too little sense" His words, not mine...he is rarely so blunt, so that makes me laugh too.

The laughing can get tricky, because sometimes I laugh so hard that the monitor stops recording and then we just have to wait longer to get a "good read". The silliest I got was when he started retelling stories of my friend Sara from high school. (I don't think she reads this, but we were on the track team together for four years and her sense of herself and her sense of humor still never fail to make me laugh... uncontrollably sometimes) (I haven't seen her in 15+ years, but still, so funny.)

I am less afraid about inducing, my BP has stabilized somewhat so we are just playing by ear, which is good. Each day I lay around a lot and check for swelling (not too much) and headaches (none) and side pain (only from laughing). Our little mango baby continues to grow and come Monday we will officially be one week away from her due date.

Thanks for all of your kind thoughts, I appreciate every one.
Have a lovely weekend!


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

congrats on the award! that will be so fun next year. glad you're hanging in there!

Diane said...

PHEW! You had me wondering (about the baby...I always knew you were an award winning photographer).

Clare said...

Well deserved. You take the most fantastic photos. I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are. Take it very very slowly.

Lady Bridget said...

Jess, you are amazing. What a FABULOUS eye for form and shape you posses. Your pictures are and absolute delight... I can hardly wait for the toe pictures of baby Mango... you do tootsies so well. Can't wait to see what the tootsies will be attached to...hear she has tons of hair. Luv..Auntie B

Lily Boot said...

Oooooh Jess! What I love about the winning photo is the crisp, crisp contrast between the dark charcoal-y background and the stripes of his shirt and blue of his hat. And the shadow - it is a lovely photo. But I am pretty partial to the lady bug on the denim - such great texture. You are a very fine photographer my dear. You deserve to have your photo blown up HUGE! I'd better get finishing! It's looking very pretty. I'm so glad it's a girl :-) And a mango baby - now that's fortuitous colour wise. Take care of your beautiful self and blossoming baby! :-)

Magpie Sue said...

Yippee for the ribbons! I'm always surprised by the judges decisions at the county fair too.

Blessings on Mango Baby. Maybe she'll be a Labor Day baby!

emily ruth said...

oh, that picture is great!
i'm so happy for you!

can't wait to hear when your girlie arrives...