Saturday, December 19, 2009

a little Christmas cheer...

I have to first start out with some gratuitous baby cuteness...
Then our crafty endeavours for the week... Toys for a certain little cousin.
Both boys made two and they stuffed the stocking nicely. I liked playing with the strips on the back. We all had fun. It was a good day.
Our dryer broke last weekend and believe it or not we made it a whole week before the new dryer came. Mid week it got a bit dicey but I dried a load of kitchen towels at Grandma's house and we made it!! I just use those towels for everything and we do have two messy boys and a drooly baby in this house.
I also finally finished my block for alexdk in Traveling Threads, her quilt is going to look wonderful.
Thanks for all the caring! Have a wonderful holiday!

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Diane said...

That baby girl just gets prettier and prettier! What an adorable smile she has. I hope you see it often.

Please tell the boys how AWESOME their soft toys are! What a great idea for a family project.

I've been enjoying Christmas blog reading, seeing everyone else's preparations and decorations. Our plans are embarrassingly minimal in comparison. But you know what I discovered? My boys don't care about all the hoopla. I've shed the guilt for not doing more and plan to relax and enjoy the holiday. And the added benefit of ordering gifts from Amazon after their cutoff for Christmas delivery is that we'll have things to open next week as well.

I hope you are finding what works for your family, and sticking to it. Christmas blessings, Diane