Friday, February 19, 2010

Sew Olympics!

Hello, yet another fun time to get me to finish some outstanding and OUTSTANDING! projects. You can check out the other sewing Olympians here, it is a fun group!
This was actually finish #2! A little toy for Mango made with my Cloud nine winnings from Soulemama. I bought a bag of wool to stuff with and it is SO soft, I love to work with it...but I probably should be more gentle with these softies when I wash them.
3 valentines for my three valentimes (that is not a typo, they think that it is said that way, and it is so cute) I am finally using my felt and my felted sweaters and scarves. VERY FUN!

It is so fun to finish a project! Speaking of projects...a new one in the works here. I just love Tonya's quilt alongs.

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Katy said...

Love love love love love!!!!