Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Whispers from the past...

A long time ago I wrote myself a note. I haven't read it since. I read it today. I have needed to read it and read it often. I think I will make a sign.
For all of you who might need to read it too:

"Finishing it Saturday, in the depths of the 5th (?) cold of the season, I was giddy with excitement and so glad that I made time for myself again. I was a much nicer wife and mom that day. I really need to remember that the MAKING is a place I need to be often. I am sure that I have written about this before, and I know that I will write it again. For me the Creation and the Making are resting places for me, safe places, the place that my most genuine self lives. TAKE NOTE SELF!!! Remember, remember, remember...."

Ahhh, making stuff, I just need to make some stuff. Thanks, past Self! I will try to remind future Self also.


Lily Boot said...

oh how I so agree. There was some good sewing today and tonight there's a hum of cheerfulness and contentment to our home and all who rest here. Wishing you opportunities to find small making windows. Until then, your arrangement on the beach is beautiful.

Diane said...

My "past self" seemed to be most productive when there was the least amount of time to make stuff. The correlation isn't between time and productivity, it's between NEED and productivity. Don't ever feel like you are stealing moments from your family in order to satisfy your own creative needs. It makes you a better you.