Thursday, August 12, 2010

One, Two, buckle my shoe...

There you go! It was as easy as that, two little boys picking two happy friends. The hard part was finding a time to post. I will email you for all of your particulars. Thanks for the happy wishes, thanks even to those who read and don't comment (I know you are there!). It takes all of us for the online community that we have built.

This week was busy because we were getting ready for the County Fair. I entered some new categories this year soft original toy and knitted baby garment. All it takes is the fair to get me to finally sew the little buttons on Mango's new fall sweater.
Isn't it cute? I discovered that I absolutely LOVE knitting little sweaters! I even blocked it. Not too shabby for a first try (I have completed a grown-up sweater, but it was not out of pretty yarn and it was too itchy and smelly....I think that it is in my pile of felted items to be repurposed!) This one was so easy and fun.

The brothers both entered paintings and recycled art. Brownie also entered a Lego sculpture and Blondie entered a "mixed" painting and drawing. Entering for us meant Mommy running around scrounging frames and adding hanging wire the morning of the drop off day (luckily the boys were in camp). I even swiped the frame from my wedding photo to frame one of the paintings. That is love for you! Maybe things run smoother in other families, but I am so proud that we got it all together this year!

I have also been working on getting a website together for a modern quilt guild for my little town. Learning a new website format is challenging, but I am diligently trying to get it together for a meeting this fall (my dream is September, but it is sneaking up.) I did tell a woman at my guild to keep me accountable and on task! It is working!
See you soon!


Annie said...

The sweater is beautiful! Yes, I lurk but have been making myself comment more.

Kelly said...

Don't think you have to all the guild stuff yourself. If you need help come down to the shop and ask for help. I work Mon and Tue. or email me. Kelly

KnitOneQuiltTooKristin said...

Lovely sweater! Are you on Ravelry? I can't remember, but if not this should definitely be on there. I'd fav it in a second.

I've done the same thing with the frames. Last time we were buying a frame and trying to put the hanger thing on it as we drove to the fair for drop off. Not a pretty sight I can tell you. This year, we had no framed items. I hope you win!

Clare said...

Ooohh. Can't wait to receive it!

The cardigan is beautiful and wonderful news that the JMB clan all exhibited at your local fair.

woolywoman said...

Hey, if it got there in a frame, on the right day, it DID go smoothly!