Sunday, August 29, 2010

We all pick together...

So much for the computer fast, I uploaded these pictures and I didn't want to forget...
August 20, 2010
A beautiful day.
One brother in camp, one brother and one sister with me.
Blueberry buckets with harnesses for "hands free picking".
One baby in the hand, one hand for picking... she wanted to help too.
A beautiful day.


KnitOneQuiltTooKristin said...

Fabulous! I would love to check out this patch. I had to break down and buy a flat of blueberries a couple of weeks ago because I figured we missed the harvest and just didn't have time to drive to a u-pick place. Still not sure about this week, but, oh I would love to go.

PS- those sweet little mango fingers are just yummy!

Clare said...

She's so yummy - I could eat her as well as the blueberries!

woolywoman said...

baby hands! baby feet!