Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What do you do when you meet a rock star?

Excuse my "star" worship for a bit...but I got to meet and talk to Kaffe Fassett and Liza Prior Lucy this past weekend. I got to attend Quilt Market in Portland, Oregon this past weekend. I had to go...just had to. I thought that there was an outside chance that Mr. Fassett would be there. He is giving a whole WEEK of workshops in Sisters this week. (we will not speak of the funk I sunk into last week when I realized that he was going to be so close and that I could not wheedle my way into a class.)

I love his work. After I read "Glorious Patchwork", I no longer wanted to quilt, I wanted to QUILT ! So, I grabbed my copy and shoved it in my bag on the off chance HE would be at Market. He was and I did.

I sat down and talked to both Kaffe and Liza about quilting. Liza and I spoke of our love of "ugly" fabric and the gloriously "ugly" quilts that use fabrics available to quilters during different time periods. It felt amazing to articulate to them what their work had done for me as an artist. I think that they appreciated my gratitude, which also felt amazing to me. I did get an autograph...it feels like a bookmark in time for me. A memento of a moment when I stepped outside my fear bubble and did what I really wanted to and was free from that self-consciousness that is becoming a less constant companion. I look at it and it feels good.Quilt Market proved to be QUITE the eye opening experience. It was great to see EVERYTHING. It also took away some of the scary mystique about being a part of the business of quilting.

When I turned 30, maybe it was when I decided to quit my other life as a Wastewater Analyst (boo--there's something scary for you), I started to ask people about their jobs. For curiosity's sake, yes...but also because I never had a clue what I wanted to do and I wondered if other people did. So, for 6 hours on Saturday I just wandered around Quilt Market, asking different designers and publishers why they got in to the industry and what they would recommend for some new starting out...I got some great responses.
Sue Spargo was so friendly. She said that people need to stick to and cultivate their own distinctive style. I like that. (Thanks to this blog...I had just been introduced and admiring one of her patterns a few weeks ago.) By the way she is coming to do a class/es at the Sisters quilt show in 2009...I am DEFINITELY going to be there.
I am getting sleepy and I still have the niece's quilt to finish so here are some other things at Market that I enjoyed:
Anna Maria Horner--I love her Drawing Room line, but I can't wait for the Garden Party. What a beautiful booth and a lovely person!
Keri Beyer's Urban Farm Fabric line --polka dots on cows...need I say more?
M&S Textiles Australia--I know, maybe I am the last one to know...GREAT prints.
Waterpail designs--Beautiful hand-dyed woolens...gorgeous colors.
Oliver + S--cute patterns for kids (mostly girls, but some new boy patterns in the fall)
Curved piecing foot--I really want to try this, but REALLY, how much curved piecing do I do? Maybe more, if I had this foot...she made it look really easy.
Banafana patterns--new designer from Idaho--She was a really sweetie, it was her first Market too. Her booth was OVER THE TOP!!! I liked the quilt she made with a huge guitar on it...it had rick-rack strings...need I say more?
Blue Underground Studios--Zany color combos for her patterns--nice lady, very friendly and funny too!

What will I do with all of my new found info??

Probably wake up in the middle of the night for weeks with the ol' noodle working overtime-- who knows?

I also bought a LOT o' fabric...

Since I was too zonked to celebrate my 100th post--what if we celebrated the 118th post together?

Yeah 118!!!

I have some fat quarters, a zany mix CD and assorted other goodies for a lucky bloggy friend. To be the winner why don't you all leave a comment here and tell me who is the "rock star" that you would most like to meet. (they don't have to be musical, but it would be fun if you picked someone that was actually living, so then maybe you could really meet them.) I will pick (totally randomly) someone June 1 @ high noon PST.
Yes, let's do that!


Amy said...

Sounds like you had F-U-N! Hmmm, what rock star would I like to meet? I have met Kaffe. But can I re-meet a rock star and be less of a social baby? And I really would like to meet Bono. :-)

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

you don't need to put me into the giveaway (since I never give anything away myself, seems rather selfish) just wanted to say that your experience sounds amazing. good for you for getting out of the fear bubble. I bet you can guess my "rock star". Gwen Marston of course. I've worked up my nerve to write her a couple of letters and that took a lot of effort on my part - I got a huge fear bubble myself.

upstateLisa said...

phew!!! aren't you lucky to have experienced all that and met so many great people! I would love to hear more!
I heard Kaffe speak in the fall... very inspiring!
and congrats on your 118th!!!!!
there are too many rock stars to meet! I have met Jan Mullen and looooved her! Hmmm....I would love to meet some of my bloggy friends who I consider rock stars!!! I would love to sit down with you and hear more about those lovely houses you posted some time back!

PS sorry about the deletes! I got so excited, I messed up.

emilyruth said...

you do not even know how glad i am that you got to go to quilt market...
i am so glad
really truly
& you know why
(i think:)

& good for you asking around about stuff!
i am excited to see where this leads you...
fun to follow your journey my friend:)

i would love to meet alicia paulson
i know it's kind of goofy since
really she just writes a blog...
but oh what a blog!
& you know when you see someone or hear them talk or read their blog & you think
'i could be friends with them' ? you know?
maybe that is answering the wrong question
that's the answer to what famous person would you like to be friends with?

just meet & maybe drink a mint hot chocolate with...
i had no idea how hard this would be for me...
that's weird
maybe i'll think of someone later
probably around 3am

KnitOneQuiltTooKristin said...

Sounds like great fun! I was so lucky to be able to see Sue Spargo, Amy Butler and Kaffe Fassett in the past couple of weeks. I took Sue's class and it was fabulous. You'll love it. Beware, though, and bring lots of money. She always brings tons of emebellishments, threads and wool and you can't help buying! I've met Gwen Marston who is my favorite quilter. I guess in the quilting world I really like Mary Lou Weidman's work, but I'd love to meet Lazy Gal Tonya in person! Great post!

Leah said...

Congrats on your first trip to Quilt MArket - and on making the decision to change. I reckon my all time rock star is David Attenborough. Quilting wise, probably Jinny Beyer.

Diane said...

Well, now that I have another week to think about it....

Em said...

Wow... a rock star? I think I would love to meet Kaffe, or John Denver... does that qualify? I know I can't now, but I wish I could have met him...

Kathie said...

lucky you, what a great post
congrats on 118 posts!
Gwen Marston is who I would love to meet and just sit and talk about quilts. Would love to see her antique quilts and the quilts she made from them
she is an amazing quilter and has taught me to enjoy the process and its ok if the block is a bit off :)

dot said...

Hope I am not to late. I just found your blog. It is June 1st real early. My favorite "rock Star" Steven Tyler. I would love to meet and converse with him. My favorite quilting Rock Star. I have to think about that. There are many out there that interest me in many ways. Marty Mitchell or Karen McCloskey. I hope I spelled these right. I have liked their work and patterns for year. Another Judy L form Patchwork Times, she intrigues my interest and just seems like a fun person to talk with. Another, Tonya from lazy gal blog. Oh and don't forget Bonnie from Quiltville. Oh so many.

Rebecca K. said...

This is way late. I already got my door prize. I just read all of the comments posted and was blown away by how many quilting rocks stars there are!!! Myself, not being a quilter - at all, I would wet my pants if I met Lynn Rosetto Casper (I prefer to call her Lynn). Someday...someday....actually she is coming to Oregon for a culinary/wine tasting but it is one of those high priced package tours. Whatever. JMB - You rock! Thanks for the sushi pin.

Yaz and Rob said...

One of my biggest heros is Maya Angelou. I feel like she and I have a kindred spirit together, I don't know why. Good job getting out there and enjoying being you to the fullest!