Thursday, January 20, 2011

The world is vast and wide...

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I went to flickr this morning, like I do many mornings. The scrolling "contacts" section on the bottom TOTALLY caught my eye. Here are a few of the lovelies..... there were so many, I got lost.

Some weeks I realize, I can post a whole bunch, others I can't. It is just funny to me how that works out. Hmmmmmm

On a side note I am taking suggestions on how to play with one child while all three children are home. Sometimes one child wants to play something that is just not age appropriate for all of them or the other 2 just don't want to play it. Is there a secret that I am not getting?? I am finding that some games and activities just are not happening around here and I think that we would like to have them happen. Hmmmmmm



Agnes said...

I hear you. Getting my girls (5 and 2) to play together is tricky. Building stuff usually works (duplo, lego, kapla, playdough). Spontaneous dance parties with a theme (princess and fairy themes are popular around here as is dressing up in old Halloween costumes). If you find the holy grail, please please share.

emilyruth said...

set the other two up with a movie?
let the one stay up after the others go to bed?
lock the other two in the bathroom?
seems that the only way to do this is to become a negligent parent...
well, if you did my ideas anyway :)

good luck, my dear!
i'm sure someone will have a great idea!
i'm going to keep checking back because i am super curious...