Wednesday, January 12, 2011

For $3.99 you could change your morning, for $2.98 more change your day!

Just a quick post... I always want to blog when I have a ZILLION other things that I am supposed to be doing...

SO I have talked before about dealing with S.A.D. in the dark Oregon winters. This year it hasn't been so bad. I am cutting my fabric more, I have more projects going on, AND every week or so I have been getting one of the $3.99 bunches of flowers at Trader Joes. I think seeing the pretty colors in the kitchen window is a pick-me-up ALL DAY LONG (if you think about it you walk by the kitchen window A LOT in a day.) The mum types stay prettiest the longest, but I like them all.
(The "i love you" boggle letters were made my friend Emily, she is so crafty. The Matryoshka doll is actually a set of measuring cups I have been wanting to show you, I got them in S.F. this past summer.... she is so cute!)Today, my friend T.J. ALSO had some delicious chocolates to share with me. I am not a big chocolate buyer, if some one gives me some, I will eat them but I just don't get that excited about chocolate. THESE, my friend, are my new FAVORITE. They are perfect, smooth, and terrific. AND isn't dark chocolate supposed to up the mood??
Go forth and be happy!

A little tip:
I have collected a bunch of small little bottles that I put my flowers in. They are so cute, but tend to grow algae in the bottom, periodically. Today I tried the whole "uncooked rice and water slurry" in the dirty bottles and shook it really hard in each of them.... Voila' no more algae. I had read it before, but never tried it. SO GREAT!


liz said...

I'm so glad you are having a better winter. I suspect I have some S.A.D. as well, not positive. Live in a mostly sunny place but when it gets foggy for periods of time I feel my energy level plunge.

I really love your blog and your creativity. Thanks for sharing with us!

Katy said...

I've been much better this winter as well, although I'm so looking forward to spring. The dark days do get me down.
My friend bought me those measuring cups last year - I love them, and use them all the time as well (which has to be a good thing!) they're so cute!

Diane said...

Look at you, blogging almost every day. Ain't nothin' SAD about that!
Fresh flowers work wonders for the spirit. You deserve the treat.

Tonya Ricucci said...

beautiful and yummy. mmmm, just as well there is no Trader Joe's nearby.