Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A smug Mango, but she can see!

This little one has been going "rogue" lately... ripping clips out, running around like a feral pony. Yes, I can officially say that we have reached 2. Neither of her brothers had a large "attitude" change at two-- it was more noticeable at 3. This little lovely has decided that she has an opinion about EVERYTHING and that it is going to be KNOWN! OH DIOS MIO!
She did sit still enough for me to give her a little eye window. So now when she is screaming at me she won't have to pick ALL of her hair out of her mouth. Little things... little things.
There also has been sewing!! I am happy to report that I am almost done with my free-pieced study. I have the best partner. She was the first one finished and then has been so understanding about my tardiness. Little things... Little things. I am gearing up to start this group in January... it is full of REALLY talented people and I know that it is going to make me reach for next handhold in my creative life. I am so happy I was invited to participate. Also Hoop-up is getting going again in January...

Mango is getting bigger and I am needing some outlets for my grief and creativity. Looking into 2012... I am going to continue to try and stretch the ol' creative muscles-- get some projects finished, new things written up. It has just got to happen, I feel like it is time. Forward motion is just a matter of suckin' up the fear and sadness and getting some stuff done... right?! Hmmm, time will tell.


Rebecca Huffman said...

Can't go backward, forward motion - here we go! Love you Jessi!

Tonya Ricucci said...

Mango is a cutie pie! that looks like a great group for next year!