Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Brlu... a blur

Hey, there I am... Let me see if I am getting this saying right, 'the years fly by while the minutes drag on and on.' Is that right? In the moment I am having such a time trying to stay on track, but when I look back on the last week and a half (and then the year before...) (Thank Goodness for instagram)....OH, that's what I have been up to. Thinking has been sort of a problem area for me these days, so I have just been doing things and then seeing how I feel after they are already done... This sounds silly written out, but just doing has created some sort of forward motion for me and this is a GOOD THING.
*This doll quilt (started in 2008, strike that 2010!!! Hooray! Sister quilt here) is halfway quilted- Finally found the right grey thread... a good thing (gt!)
*Hoop-up inspiration piece finished!! Thanks Badbird for the gratis' pattern! and thanks Marilyn for the heart idea, I just love it! (gt!)
*Shelter project DONE! (It was his project, but it brought back so many memories of procrastinating... I mean nightmares.) (gt!)
*Lot's of little Mango this week... she is always talking about "When I be a Woman..." Oh Jeez, can we just put a pin in that for a while little lady?!*Handwork bag for school raffle basket-- I used my scissors fabric (I need to use my favorite fabrics more--I am starting to amass so many that I am running out of room!)(gt!)
*Ode to Keats block- for the Pastiche Bee--inspired by these lines. (a very fun group, challenging, a bit intimidating, but SO fun)(gt!)
"...A feather on the sea,
Sway'd to and fro by every wind and tide?
Of as uncertain speed

As blow-ball from the mead?"

From "an Ode to Fanny"

*Walking in the freezing flooded areas near home. I like this picture, because you can't hear them grousing about being made to walk! (gt!)
*Finished Noro Garden fingerless mitts-- WITH a thumb! A new trick I learned, couldn't be easier, but was a little scary at first. I was proud of myself, because after I finished these and wore them for a few days, I found them to be too long. Instead of just throwing them in the closet, I tore out an inch in each hand and also reknit the thumb... SO LIBERATING!! (gt!)
*Finished a Good Luck Cowl from some handspun from the Black Sheep Gathering (just this past June!) I probably need to block it again to get the bottom scallops to turn out, but I have been cold and I am wearing it a lot. (this was actually finished right after Christmas-- but... c'est la vie)(gt!)

Good thing tally: at least 8-- good enough for me!

One last thing, just to keep me honest with myself and maybe someone out there has a helpful word. In these past few months, I signed up to see a counselor to deal with the loss of my mom. I went to 3 sessions and she just wasn't very helpful. Last week I went to a grief group through Hospice-- and WOW, what a lot of pain that was-- I kind of got freaked out after I got there and realized that everyone there was as sad as me (more or less) and that is a lot for one room. I told myself that I would maybe try another session, but then I am also thinking that maybe I am just not ready, or maybe it is not for me.

I just don't know.

For now I am just picking up my knitting, my sewing, my camera and doing something. I am hoping that some of the other will take care of itself, if I stay open to it. Is that too much to hope for?


-If you have any ideas and the comments are too public, send me an email-- what ever works, works, right?!


Tonya Ricucci said...

Glad to see you're getting stuff done and feeling liberated! love BadBird's work too - your rabbit came out great. sorry to hear that the group counseling thing isn't working so well. if you ever want to talk on the phone, or Skype, just let me know. hang in there!

Denise said...

I wish I had words on "how to get thru", but I think that is it...get thru however works best. The phone rang yesterday and I found myself thinking excitedly "maybe it is mom"...I really just wanted to hear her voice even if half of the time she rubbed me the wrong way...you know! : ( Keep doing what your doing...lovin' the family, I think that helps the most! Call if you need to talk, I am always at the end of the line.

emily ruth said...

i love this post...
so much fun & sweet
('when i be a woman...', oh the cuteness!)

i think you should keep trying on the counseling thing... sometimes it takes a few tries (which is just so unfair, when you are already hurting so much) but it's worth it when you find the right person...
i can give you a name (she actually lives really close to you) when you are ready to try again...

love you!

Clare said...

Hiya Word Lady! Ditto what Ton said. If you want to chat let me know. I'm on Skype and get free calls to the US.

Hang on it there kiddo.