Thursday, January 19, 2012

Free-piecing progress?!

Process shots... OK, I can do that.

What do you do when you FINALLY get all the blocks together in one spot-- and then find out that your design wall is a bit small?

1)I did not really think about it-- I just started sewing. There were some black strips on my cutting surface and I love checkerboards, so I started making black and light strip sets and cutting them in 2" sections and then just sewing them back together.

2)It was pleasing to me, so I started pairing up the blocks by type and then combining them with the black and light sets-- Voila'-- it starts to come together. (Who knows where we will be tomorrow or the next day, but I will start to sew and something will happen.)

I stopped for a bit to get that RUSH of finishing something-- and I finished some bee blocks for the 2012 EMQG bee.... I am IN LOVE with whatever fabric this "solid" is-- softer than butter and a beautiful grayish denim color.
After sewing for a while I tire and then find little pieces that I can't give up. That newsprint from the Moda's Authentic line is SO GREAT and then I finally have been cutting into my dragonfly Alexander Henry print from 1997. YES, you read that right 1997!! I have been so worried about using it up that I just fold it and refold it on the shelf. I am so tired of doing that. Cut and use!I am happy to say that I am almost DONE with all of my Half-square triangle scraps (leftover from MANY, MANY snowball blocks). I have been using them as my leaders and enders when I chain piece and there is enough here for SOMETHING...
Maybe I should just start sewing them together and see what happens?


Tonya Ricucci said...

wheee, all fun!

Heidi said...

wow, you are making big progress !
The blocks are playing nicely together :-)

kesch said...

Yeah you got them done, thanks!!! And that solid is one of the cross weaves. They are my FAVE fabrics ever, i think i could put them in every quilt i make.