Wednesday, July 11, 2012

6 sides, stripes, and a surprise

I miss this space.
There has been much time spent studying the 6 sides of this shape.  And then not even studying it, but just sewing.  Just being in the moment and moving through it.  If I am lucky moving through it means there is a folded basket of laundry or, even better, a finished block-- or, the best, a finished quilt.

the big dreams are still percolating
confidence is building
directions are getting firmer

but there is much of the just moving through the moment to be done still.

finding a balance point with all the change
that is what my libra spirit craves
but we are not there yet.

someday soon

i hope



Denise said...

ahhh us libra girls needing balance...someday my friend, someday!

Heidi said...

not only you miss this space, but this space misses you ;-)
Glad to see you posting !
How's the free piecing quilt doing ? I've only one block planned ( my name ) and then I'll try to assemble the blocks

upstateLisa said...

good to see you here! I am struggling with confidence and balance... (and I'm a taurus... is that bad?)