Thursday, July 12, 2012

And then it was finished... Jubilee Crush

Quilting as Clare tweeted about the Jubilee Boat Parade... it almost didn't get finished that day.  I love the Queen and the pictures of the colorful boats on that grey, grey water.  It was all so inspiring.  I had to keep sewing.
I am so glad to have this one out of the studio and out in to the world.  I have spent many nights already snuggled underneath,3 sewing and playing Scramble with friends.
Almost the most satisfying part was using these crazy golds in in the back-- made palatable by that AWESOME IKEA number print.  Feels so good to finish something and to use some of my favorite fabrics.  Hoard no more! (if I say it enough, it might happen.)



Tonya Ricucci said...

woohoo! I love the back especially that IKEA print. fun and colorful

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Congrats on the big finish and enjoy the accomplishment!

upstateLisa said...

Love it! It's done! I love the number print!!!!

emily ruth said...

so gorgeous!
love! love! love!

Clare said...

And you so nearly didn't finish it that day. It is definitely worth the wait.

I love that IKEA print too. Why oh why don't they sell it over here (sniff).

Janet said...

Amazing - so fun and I love that imagery of colorful boats on the grey water!

What a knock out use of that word fabric on the back - love it with the gold patches!!!!